Which Roof Is Better In Maine Metal Or Asphalt?

Which roof is better in Maine metal or asphalt, and that’s a question we hear all the time. Both roofs are great and will last a long time, but really it’s what you want on your home. There are many features and benefits to asphalt roofing, and there are many with metal roofing so you really need to find out what you want on your home by looking at some products online or at our website. I’m and go over some of the information about asphalt shingles and Maine Roofing Services is why I think this CertainTeed roof system offers long-term durability but also a beautiful transition with dimensional or architectural style shingles – Check out what our customers have been saying.

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With the new technology by mixing quality stabilizers in the asphalt like lime dust, instead of stone dust the shingles do not crack like they used to, and also the fiberglass matting really makes a huge difference in the tensile strength of the shingle itself. Shingles have asphalt and natural waterproof your home, the stone on the top of the shingle reflects the UV rays from penetrating the asphalt and cracking. All of the shingles today have made by computers at the manufacturing plant, and a very closely monitored to ensure just the right thickness and saturation to make sure the shingles I the best they can be. Your home will have a dramatic appearance when you install these beautiful dimensional roofing shingles, and will have a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturer’s defects, labor and any other issues you may have with the shingles themselves.

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Let’s talk about metal roofing, and this is a great transformation to any home, if you are tired of shoveling a roof from heavy snow a metal roof could be exactly looking for. But I have to caution you if you have shrubs below the roof line there could be some damage to those once the roof clears off from the snow and ice, and if you have a large deck will want to make sure the show will that after the roof clears off, and again I have to caution you that this snow and ice will pack once it hits the ground or the deck itself. But if you don’t have any issues like two stories because once that snow lies comes off the roof to stories high you are going to see a huge volume of heavy snow and ice smashing into the ground.

Which Roof Is Better In Maine Metal Or AsphaltDavid Deschaine Roofing Contractors In Maine

This is great as long as there’s no things below that are going to get damaged, or possibly endanger somebody or damage surrounding shrubs. But once again this is great if you don’t want to shovel your roof or there’s nothing below the have to worry about from the heavy impact of snow and ice. Over the last 25 years we’ve installed hundreds of these metal roofs, in the asphalt roofs still seemed to be the majority because they are not as expensive and blend in better with the architectural character of the neighborhoods. Don’t get me wrong metal roofs are beautiful, and we recommend metal roasting people all the time were fed up with the ice dams. Do some research look around their products in other roofing samples at the local Home Depot or applicator sales and service Inc. on Warren Avenue in Portland to see more about these great roofing systems for your home.

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